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AZ Labs / City of Mesa

Arizona Laboratories for Security & Defense Research

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AZLabs, the freedom to innovate in privacy


AZLabs is a full-service, security-enhanced campus designed to host companies requiring workspace to perform sensitive contracts, research and engineering projects. AZLabs provides offices, laboratories, and vault space, ideally suited for such highly sensitive projects. 

AZLabs has retained the security protocols of the former U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. AZLabs can support a broad range of sensitive projects including experiments, prototype evaluations, and distributed test and training with access to a highly skilled, DoD-focused workforce.

AZLabs is an exceptional, capable, and reconfigurable laboratory facility designed to support up to 250 researchers and engineers. Short- or long-term lease options are available and scalable to specific project's needs.

AZLabs is owned by and operated for the City of Mesa.  

Click image to visit www.AZLabs.org

Click image to visit www.AZLabs.org